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Introduction: Architectuul was launched in 2010 by a team of architects, graphic designers and software engineers based in Berlin. As an online architecture community, Architectuul shares international building projects and promotes creators.

Recently, Architectuul began collaborating with the Lisbon Architecture Triennial to present a video series called Architects in Love. Berlin Art Link spoke to organizer Christian Burkhard about the impetus behind the series.

Architects In Love 1: Robert Slinger Loves Berlin from Architectuul

Alison Hugill: What is the Architects in Love series?

Christian Burkhard (Architectuul): Architects In Love is a video project developed by Architectuul, a collaborative database on buildings and its architects established in 2010. Architects In Love features young architects as they candidly discuss buildings they love (designed by someone else). By subtracting the objective approach, the architects present buildings they have grown to love in their own neighbourhood, offering the audience a personal insight which is often left unexplored.

AH: Who are the participating architects?

CB: The participating architects for this series include Florian Köhl of FAT Koehl, Stanley Fuls a founding partner from Code of Practice, MagmaArchitecture and the Englishman Robert Slinger who founded Berlin based architecture studio Kapok.
AH: You developed it in collaboration with the Lisbon Architecture Triennial. Will it be shown there? What was the reason for this collaboration? What is Architectuul’s involvement with the triennial?

CB: We had already started with the production of the Architects In Love videos when we were approached by the Triennial. After having been selected by the curators, we have the honour to publish and screen the series as a Triennial project. After our premiere in Berlin, we will also have a screening event in Lisbon (date and venue will be confirmed shortly). The series will subsequently be rolled out online. We are currently also planning a second wave of episodes.
AH: Why feature Berlin architecture in particular?

CB: Architectuul is based in Berlin which meant the series naturally developed here. But beyond logistics, Berlin presents an interesting petri-dish for architectural reflection. Berlin has a rich urban fabric steeped with history and dichotomies, which has made for some surprising architecture. However part of the beauty of Architects In Love lies in the fact that every city has forgotten masterpieces, and through the eyes of an architect, these discoveries can be presented to a wider audience.


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Blog entry by Alison Hugill in Berlin; Monday, Oct. 07, 2013.

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