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Berlin, Berlin art link, Baron Castle, Graham Haught“Baron Castle” (2014), pen and watercolor; illustration by Graham Haught

On February 12, the Boiler Room in Stattbad Wedding was packed tight with a range of clubbers and beautiful women who knew how to dance. Filtering through the series of side rooms in the club, I came to the dance floor, which was palpitating. Dancing arm-to-arm, shoulder-to-shoulder, everyone behind Baron Castle’s DJ-table was moving.

Although this was Baron Castle’s first show at Boiler Room, he is not new to the music scene. Baron Castle grew up just outside of Sydney and lived in Melbourne before moving to Berlin three years ago. He was a regular at metal and punk shows before arriving at electronic music through rave culture. When he came to Berlin, he began to explore the large range of electronic music burgeoning in Berlin.

To label Baron Castle’s music as House would be an injustice in a way because it’s much more expansive than that. Dancing throughout his hour long set, he made elemental transitions that delved into a deep, pensive mood, which would then seamlessly develop into a clean dance track. At times, pure melodies were strung out and then injected with a heavy, unwavering beat. His smooth music kept everyone dancing.

Baron Castle is working on a new release later this year.


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Blog entry by Graham Haught in Berlin; Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014.

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