Event // Artisti per Frescobaldi Award Exhibition and Fundraiser

Berlin Art Link, Discover, Art Work by Elisa Sighicelli; courtesy Artisti per Frescobaldi Elisa Sighicelli (2013 winner of the Artisti per Frescobaldi Award) – “Untitled (an iron barrel)” (2013), framed photograph, 102 x 102 x 4 cm; courtesy Artisti per Frescobaldi

The Artisti per Frescobaldi Award will return after a successful debut in 2013, this time in Germany. The award, based out of Italy, focuses on contemporary photography and video art, inviting three artists per year to use one of the six Frescobaldi estates in Tuscany as inspiration for their work. The Frescobaldi family, led by Artistic Director of the award Tiziana Frescobaldi, demonstrates with this project their family tradition of supporting the arts that dates back to the Renaissance.

At the culminating event, which will take place in Berlin this fall, a panel of judges will choose a winner as well as host a wine fundraiser. The three artists will design their own label for the limited collection of Magnum di Montesodi wine, and partial proceeds will benefit an Italian contemporary art organization.

This year’s finalists feature two German artists and one Italian artist, chosen by curator Ludovico Pratesi: Michael Sailstorfer, Jorinde Voigt, and Yuri Ancarani.

The estate of focus this year was the Castello di Nipozzano, spanning over 300 hectares just south of Florence.

Ancarani’s films focus on interpreting unusual moments of everyday life in a cinematic yet documentary way. Sailstorfer’s conceptual installation work, and Voigt’s scientific drawings will result in a diverse competition that looks to be as beneficial and thought-provoking as 2013’s competition.

Additional Information

More information about the Frescobaldi Project and Prize: www.artistiperfrescobaldi.it


Blog entry by AJ Kiyoizumi in Berlin; Thursday, Mar. 06, 2014.

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