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Berlin Art Link Open Call for Artists, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Art Work by Vinzenz ReineckeVinzenz Reinecke – “Symbiosis”. In this interactive performance piece the artist will carry the visitors as long as he can and will be carried as long as each person wants to.

Kreuzberg Pavillon from Berlin is preparing an experimental interactive group show on August 23rd, 2014 at KNIPSU in Bergen, Norway with naked walls, one single catalogue and 20 selected artists, whose works will be handed out and carried by the visitors during the opening.

The catalogue, as part of the installation, will be a unique piece that registers the presence of the artworks in the room. The works are handed out to the audience and may change presenters throughout the evening.

All forms of wearability – necklaces, rings, etc. – are allowed. It’s not necessarily about clothing. Just think about turning something static into something moveable. Wearability and the option to exchange the work for another are the only requirements.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 3rd. Proposals should be send to


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Blog entry in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 15, 2014.

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