Spotlight // Matthew Tammaro

by Erin Reznick // Aug. 25, 2014

This article is part of our artist Spotlight Series.

05-algonquinImage courtesy of Matthew Tammaro

Matthew Tammaro’s photography holds a delicate balance between observation and fantasy. His portfolio of work displays his clear affinity for nature and the female subject. In every image, Matthew invokes a strong sense of romanticism while maintaining a cinematic stillness combined with a lomo aesthetic. His collection of portraiture and landscapes captures a soft, ethereal quality and explores sensuality and intimacy in natural settings. Originally from Canada, Matthew is now based out of Los Angeles and has been published in a number of magazines including: Nylon, Cosmo, Flare and

17-kaitlynnImage courtesy of Matthew Tammaro

35-otmImage courtesy of Matthew Tammaro

Romanticization-of-Subjects8-1024x768Image courtesy of Matthew Tammaro

For more on Matthew’s work visit:

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