Announcement // FEMEA (Feminism, Experimental Media and Electronic Arts)

On Friday, February 6th, The Gender Troublers will be hosting a one day festival at the Universität der Künste Berlin. FEMEA (Feminism, Experimental Media and Electronic Arts), organized by the members of a seminar at the Universät der Künste, will consist of a group exhibition, presentations, performances, workshops, music, and interventions addressing gender politics and inequalities, particularly in the fields of experimental and electronic art.


The event will feature an eclectic array of performances and lectures, including The First Woman, a video series by Daniela Zorrozua, which seeks to change the way history is taught. Taking inspiration from Rosalind Miles’ book, “The Woman’s History of the World”, Zorrozua offers the possibility of rewriting worldwide history in a way that is not dominated by men.

Claire van der Mee’s NipSlip will address questions of censorship in the media; when are nipples allowed, when are they not, and how can manipulation of these images alter the way we view them?

Performance with a Washbowl, a 12-minute video performance by Kristina Paustian, will reveal the irony of society’s celebration of feminine grace in juxtaposition to the heavy burden and responsibility that the modern woman must take on.

10978513_10155159234060557_2587212927871903284_n“Mirror Discourse”, Eleanor Aylett Jones, 2015, Courtesy of FEMEA

Eleanor Aylett-Jones’ “Mirror Discourse” explores the notion of the “tragic” woman, applying Greek mythology and art to the way women are identified today. By comparing how women portray themselves to the viewpoints placed upon them by men, the project reveals how the “tragic” woman can be seen as both an image of strength and weakness.

The festival will conclude with various discussions by the members of Fem Coven, a feminist collective that runs the bi-weekly radio show, Hystereo, on Berlin Community Radio, and finally a performance by Mysti, a Berlin based artist and performer.

The event is free entry, with food and drinks, and will run from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm with special guest performances from 5:30 pm onwards.

tumblr_niqsx1l4RA1u9oyybo1_1280“Nip Slip”, Claire van der Mee, 2015

Additional Information

“FEMEA (Feminism, Experimental Media and Electronic Arts)”
Event: Friday, Feb. 06, 2015, 2-9pm
Grunewaldstr. 2-5 (click here for map)


Blog entry by Nora Kovacs in Berlin; Friday, Feb. 06, 2015.

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