Publication // Moritz Frei: Tausche Ölbild für gebrauchtes Auto


Berlin-based artist Moritz Frei recently released a bite-size book of black humour, targeting the art world. As the title – Tausche Ölbild für gebrauchtes Auto (nicht älter als 5 Jahre) – suggests, the contents are short classified ads, where artists offer their work in return for goods and services. The results are range from depressingly desperate to hilariously funny.

The 10x8cm, bright orange book features 100 pages of selected artist classifieds in a compact form. Frei’s work often deals with these kind of ‘found’ curios, bringing out the absurdity of our expectations when it comes to both art and the unseen artistic qualities of everyday life.


Additional Information

“Tausche Ölbild für gebrauchtes Auto (nicht älter als 5 Jahre)” – Artist’s Book
MMKoehn Verlag
Berlin, 2014

More information about Moritz Frei:
Blog entry by Alison Hugill in Berlin; Thursday, Mar. 05, 2015.

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