OPEN CALL // Space/Time Berlin: A Platform for Video and Performance Art


Space/Time Berlin, a new program for video and performance art, is now taking submissions from artists practicing in the fields of video, live performance, and theater. The festival’s particular focus is on the temporal and irreproducible nature of these artistic practices; the way live performance can never fully be duplicated and the way video experience is never quite the same for any two people. Video and performance art thus require and demand the presence of the audience and it is this relationship and the manipulation of time and space that Space/Time Berlin seeks to explore.

The program has provided a list of artists and works that they feel embody the themes and concepts they are trying to convey. The list includes Sebastian Stumpf‘s ‘Water Basins’ (2014), which explores the relationship between performance and documentation of performance, between cause and effect, as the artist plunges into various bodies of water, and ‘Total Radical Fiction’, Ida Müller and Vegard Vinge‘s cathartic, durational interpretations of Norwegian playwright Henrik Johan Ibsen‘s Modernist pieces. Though applicants are, of course, encouraged to approach the program with their own themes, subjects, and ideas, these pieces represent the intermingling between video, performance, theater, and the ephemerality of those fields that Space/Time Berlin hopes to showcase.

Those interested should check out the platform’s website. All application materials (CV, samples of past work, and proposal/description of a piece to be submitted to the festival) should be sent to before June 30, 2015.

Blog entry by Nora Kovacs in Berlin; Thursday, May 21, 2015.

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