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Come enjoy the best of both worlds from June 19th to 26th at the first ever Berlin Food Art Week. Combining two of our favorite things – food and art – the week-long celebration offers over 60 events, exhibitions, dining experiences, performances, and workshops at more than 30 locations throughout the city of Berlin. Entretempo Kitchen Gallery has organized an extensive program for the week, with participation from galleries, art spaces, restaurants, and cafes, that is sure to leave the audience craving more!

The week will kick off on Friday, June 19th, at 11am with a performance by Ann Duck Hee Jordan and Shira Wachsmann at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery. The performance is titled A Meal for All and will be accompanied by an opening exhibition by artists Raquel Nava, Jorge Chamorro, Sarah Illenberger, kate hers RHEE, Andreas Töpfer, Eszter Imre, Tomas Espinosa, Naoko Yasukochi, Barbara Cousin, which will run until 5pm. The day will continue with more exciting performances and exhibitions at places like Agora Collective, Neue Heimat, and Holzmarkt.

BFAW has something for everyone, from multi-course food tastings and happy hours to crafty workshops for the kids. A kimchi session at Neue Heimat on the 20th, an audio-visual cooking performance called “Singing Kitchen” by Kasia Justka, an exploration of the relationship between sexual desire and hunger for food in kate hers RHEE‘s “Fleischfreude Self-Portrait”…the week will be filled with surprises, some artistically critical and others just plain delicious. The festival will also have collaborations and events hosted by a number of museums and galleries, including Museum Dahlem, the East Asian Museum, and Cubus Gallery, and restaurants/cafes/food markets like Markthalle Neun and Prinzessinnengärten. Most of the events are free entry, although a few must be reserved in advance.

For the full program, schedule, and pricing, go to With events spread out across the city, there is no excuse not to get a taste of what Berlin Food Art Week has to offer!


Additional Information

Festival: June 11 – 26, 2015; 11am – 5pm
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery; Senefelderstrasse 29 (click here for map)

Blog entry by Nora Kovacs in Berlin; Thursday, Jun. 04, 2015.

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