OPEN CALL // POOL: International Dance Film Festival in Berlin


POOL 15 invites all dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, and artists to apply to take part in the 2015 edition of the international dance film festival in Berlin. The festival showcases short dance films and dance animations – works that have been specifically choreographed for the camera and are no longer than 30 minutes in length – and offers an opportunity for creatives to interact and engage with one another. The POOL 15 jury will create a programme from the submissions and select the winners, or “PEARLS”, for this year’s festival, which will take place from Sep. 10 – 13 at DOCK 11 in Berlin. The deadline for submissions is July 1st.

It is rare to find a festival devoted solely to dance film and if previous years are any indication of what is to come, POOL 15 is guaranteed to be an enriching experience for participants and attendees alike. Among last year’s winners are Rain Kencana, Jalaludin Trautmann, and Miguel Angelo Pate for their film, The Thing with Feathers, which included choreography by Amigo (aka Kadir Memis), Sweden’s Harumi Terayama for Replaced Vision, Noud Heerkens‘s Nol King Ruter, and Smoke-Clad Warrior, a film by German artists Mads Dinesen, Mali Lazell, and Adrian Künzel, including choreography by ANIMA‡ , Yuko Kaseki, and KADDISH.

Some more abstract and some just infectiously fun, POOL’s dance film programme has consistently expanded across a wide range of subjects, themes, and styles/forms of dance. Since 2007, the festival has provided a platform for artists, choreographers, filmmakers, and dancers to learn from one another in a collaborative atmosphere. No preference is shown based on budget or background of projects, so those interested are strongly urged to take a look at the full open call and apply before July 1, 2015.


Blog entry by Nora Kovacs in Berlin; Friday, Jun. 19, 2015.

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