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anniversaire #7 - Festival Reims ScËnes d'EuropeMartin Argyroglo, “Photograph of Branko Miliskovic: ‘The Song of a Soldier on Watch (WW3 Lili Marlene)’ at Production Frac Champagne-Ardenne 2015” (2015); Photo by Martin Argyroglo, courtesy of .CHB

After the summer break, Montag Modus returns this September with an exciting new program. The event will be the fourth edition in their performance series, part of The Berlin Dream project, and will be presented by the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (.CHB) on September 14th at 8pm.

Montag Modus is a series of monthly performances that facilitates the presentation of artists’ work, providing them with the unique and particular exhibiting spaces offered at the .CHB. It enables the fusion of distinct artistic genres, creating a stage for exchange and collaboration, and encouraging cooperation between Berlin based artists, as well as with Hungarian artists.

berlin-art-linkisaac-chong.The Horizon where we can never Touch (1)Isaac Chong Wai, “The Horizon where we can never touch” (2015); Courtesy of .CHB

This month, Montag Modus is focusing on the theme of ‘Transgression/Creation’, exploring the challenging categorisations of Genre and Gender. The event will be curated by Lena Szirmay-Kalos and Kata Krasznahorkai, and led by three performers from different countries: Serbia, China, and of course, Hungary. This amalgam of cultural references has the makings of a fantastically diverse performance, replete with three distinct genres: living installation, performative interview, and a one-man opera.

Reflecting upon preconceptions surrounding sexual, cultural, and artistic identities and associations, performers Isaac Chong Wai, Ben Mohai, and Branko Miliskovic will present their varied and multi-discursive approaches to the theme. Prepare to keep your eyes peeled and your senses alert, as the stage shifts from Chong Wai’s experimentation with perceptions of height, to Mohai’s resurrection of Susan Sontag and inquisition on Judeo-Christian salvation, and finally Miliskovic’s Schönberg-inspired opera extraordinaire. Through confronting and challenging various preconceptions, the artists will open a space for critical interrogation, inviting the audience to muse on the process of transgression itself. The event promises to transform the .CHB into an integrative and immersive space – an evening not to be missed!


Additional Information

CHB – Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Performance: September 14, 2015; 8pm
Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin


Blog entry by Gabi Gershuny in Berlin; Thursday, Sep. 3, 2015.

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