Announcement // Zozoville’s 10 Year Anniversary and Grand Opening Party

Article by Gabi Gershuny in Berlin // Wednesday, Sep. 16, 2015

This Friday the 18th, Zozoville opens its furry arms and invites you to celebrate what promises to be a monsterously exciting evening. Established by artists Johan Potma and Mateo Dineen, the date marks the 10-year anniversary since the wonderful world of Zozoville came to life. Until now, their work has furnished four Berlin studio galleries, including Skallywag in Neukölln and The Cheese Mountain Tragedy in Kreuzberg. On Friday, they celebrate the fusing of Zozoville Gallery and Onkel Zozo Gallery into one brand new space, located at Gärtnerstrasse 21.

Zozoville Gallery, installation view, 2015 // Photo Courtesy of Zozoville

The unique paintings that Potma and Dineen have created over the past decade absorb the viewer into a wonderfully imaginative and gritty underworld, populated by an extensive collection of beautifully painted and zany creatures. Each work contains a subtle or explicit narrative and harbours an element of dark comedy, with a sardonic edge. In addition to the original paintings, the new gallery, like the current ones, will offer a range of creative products, including framed prints, puzzles, and calendars, based on their work.

The gallery opening will be on September 18th, at 6pm.


Additional Information

Zozoville 10 Year Anniversary and Grand Opening Party
Opening Party: Sep. 16; 6pm
Gärtnerstrasse 21 (click here for map)

More information about Zozoville:

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