Announcement // FLVR Series Exhibition Combining the Worlds of Skateboarding and Art

Article by April Dell in Berlin; Friday, Nov. 13, 2015

FLVR is a French skateboard brand and art collective that explore and encourage the bridge between the worlds of skateboard culture and art. On Saturday Nov. 14, the tour of their third series Fougère lands in Berlin at an eclectic art event organised with Berlin-based skateboard production agency BLAM Studio. Encompassing an exhibition of night-shot photographic works by Clément Chouleur, art and sound works from artists inspired by Chouleurs images, a video-concert with live music, the new Fougère board design, and a riso-printed book of the artworks, FLVR hope to bring together skateboarders, artists, musicians, and an audience of curious and passionate people.


Curated by FLVR co-founder Youri Fernandez, the video-concert is presented in seven chapters exploring the relationship between skaters and their environment. From the ground beneath the wheels to the wider arena of public spaces, the video works present how skateboarders interpret the physical potential of their surroundings. The soundtrack will be played live by the French bassist Kevin Bucquet, who will interpret the movements and the atmosphere in his music. The exhibition opens at 7pm at BLAM Studio in Prenzlauerberg, and free drinks will be provided by BRLO Craftbeer and OUR / VODKA BERLIN.

The FLVR collective aim to link the skateboarding universe with the art world by collaborating with artists, organising art projects, events, and exhibitions, alongside the brand’s production of boards and clothing. Working with a different artist for each new ‘series’, the collective rebuilds its brand identity over and over, making artistic collaboration integral to the brand’s identity itself. Don’t miss tomorrow night’s event to see the latest from FLVR and their collaborators.

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