Internationale Kunst Heute: A Published Collection of Current International Artists

by April Dell // Nov. 20, 2015

Internationale Kunst Heute is a book compiling artist contributors from all over the world into a published anthology of practicing international contemporary artists. Launched in 2014 and with two volumes out already, the publication is taking submissions for its 2016 collection. The 2015 edition encompassed artists from 48 different countries, with a range of artistic practices and positions, into a 320 page hardback volume. The books have been nominated for the German Design Award 2016, by the German Design Council.

Berlin Art Link Discover Internationale Kunst Heute, Art work by Basil Colin Frank

Internationale Kunst Heute, 2015. Basil Colin Frank: Fertility Spiral, powder coated cast aluminium

Berlin Art Link Discover Internationale Kunst Heute, Art work by Achraf Baznani:

Internationale Kunst Heute, 2015. Achraf Baznani: The real me, digital photography

The selection is made by a jury headed by art historian, critic, and curator Dr. Ingrid Gardill and artist and publisher of the books Martina Kolle. Throughout the book Gardill offers her own insight and reflections on the works in an accompanying text (in German) for each artist. Two to three works by featured artists are reproduced in colour, as well as listing artist bios and contact info, making the book not only a collectors item but a useful industry tool as well. The next edition will be published in May, 2016. Application is free. The 2014 and 2015 volumes are still available for purchase, check out the website to browse the books online and order your copy.

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