Announcement // Five & Dime’s Second Edition featuring Hanne Lippard

Article by Ruth Amelung in Berlin; Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015.

The online platform for artists’ editions and multiples Five & Dime, launched this September, has partnered with British-born artist Hanne Lippard for their second edition. For Note to Self 2024 Lippard, whose work is known for being deeply rooted in text as well as performance, stepped away from her usual modus operandi of using her voice as a medium and created a unique, oversized black and white wall calendar with 2024 as its end date.

Berlin Art Link Announcement of Five & Dime's second edition

Hanne Lippard, 2015, Note To Self 2024 Calender Print 110 x 170cm // Photo by Five & Dime

The 2015 Ars Viva Prize winning artist, who grew up in Norway, included both weekdays and weekends in the design of the calendar. She also added 24 stickers featuring hilariously phrased life advice such as ‘Be realistic only when it comes to rain’ and ‘Sometimes you have to swap now for no’.

The collaboration with the Berlin-based artist seems a perfect fit for Five & Dime, who, as an accessible online art-buying destination, are tapping into the millennial generation while targeting a new market of modern, culturally savvy buyers. Their first exhibition’s curatorial theme ‘Spätkauf’ celebrated Berlin’s most infamous essential staple – the corner store.

Five & Dime is the brainchild of Barbara Jenner and Stephanie Comilang. Both artists themselves, Comilang is also known for her documentary filmmaking while Jenner has worked as a gallerist. Behind Five & Dime is the idea of democratizing art-buying, being both an entry point for young collectors and a trusted destination for established art lovers.

NOTE TO SELF 2024 wall calendar is an edition of 100, 110 x 170cm in size, comes artist signed and ready to hang at €120.

Click here for more information on where to buy it.

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