OPEN CALL for designers, architects, curators // Bauhaus Lab 2016: Desk in Exile

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016

The 2016 Bauhaus Lab is an opportunity to explore design and global modernism with a socio-economic focus. Today Walter Gropius’ original 1923 desk, which was created for an early collection of design pieces, is now housed in Lincoln, Massachusetts. The program will trace the transatlantic ties that led to the desk’s current location all the way back to where it was originally housed in the Director’s office in the Bauhaus building of Dessau, and stopping in-between in Lawn Road Flats, London.

The critical exploration is meant for up-and-coming individuals with backgrounds in architecture, design, curatorship or academics with backgrounds in social science who have already finished their studies. This English-language program requires a submission of a CV, a portfolio, and letter of interest with a concept coming from their own field to be sent in by February 29th. Spaces are limited as only eight participants will be selected by an international jury.

Held between May 9th and August 5th, the lab culminates in a joint exhibition within the World UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site Bauhaus building in Dessau. Beforehand, participants will have the opportunity to develop their projects in a work space – expenses covered – at the Bauhaus. The process of developing and researching knowledge within design methodology is done in a collaborative context. The steps going from idea to material form are considered within international contexts, while students are encouraged to draw connections to particular everyday surroundings. More information is available on the Bauhaus website.

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