Announcement // STUSU: World’s First Artist Studio Sublet Platform

Article by Dorrell Merritt in Berlin // Tuesday, Mar. 1, 2016

The 1st of March marks the launch of Ralf Dereich and Melina Volkmann’s global platform STUSU, which serves as the worlds first platform solely dedicated to the subletting of artist studios.

Berlin Art Link & STUSU

Ralph Dereich & Melina Volkmann // Courtesy of STUSU

The concept, which came about through artist Ralf Dereich‘s frustration of being unable to locate studios when traveling or working abroad, will not only allow prospective artists to rent a space, but will also present the potential to swap their own studio for that of another artist. STUSU aims to be a complete re-think of the way artists locate their working space, offering the chance for artists to build a new online community of trusted users, taking the stress out of locating a studio in a country that they’ve not yet visited and also creating the chance for those with studios to make more effective use of them by renting them out.

Berlin Art Link and STUSU

Screenshot of // Courtesy of STUSU

Their helpful and specific filters means that artists across a range of practices and disciplines can find the studio that is right for them and their work. Once an account is made, users then have the chance to upload information about their studio, themselves and their artistic discipline. They can check or uncheck a series of boxes that best describe their studio, practices it accommodates and its available amenities. The site also incorporates a trust-building system through feedback ratings and direct links to social media outlets.

STUSU will be a free service for the foreseeable future, which means that once artists have made an account, they can browse and book studios across the globe without being charged additionally by the website itself. Studios in Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and London are currently available.

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