Announcement // Front Row Society Collaborates with Berlin Artists

Article by Georgina Hahn in Berlin // Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2016

Fashion brand Front Row Society presents a new collection inspired by international artists. The brand collaborated with Berlin-based artists Louise Gibson, Michelle Jezierski and Santiago Taccetti to create wearable and stylish pieces. Through careful curation, these artists were selected to enhance Front Row Society’s aesthetic.

Front Row Society began as an initiative to engage the community with the fashion they wear. The latest collaboration was developed following an open call, which asked artists to submit works that could be translated into designs. The winners were voted in and their designs were actualized into high-end fashion.

Front Row Society, installation view // courtesy of Front Row Society.

Front Row Society, installation view // Photo by James Robinson, courtesy of Front Row Society

In keeping with this collaborative spirit, their latest collection translates visual art into fashion. The textures and colours from the artists’ work become elements of scarves, bags and other accessories. Designers worked closely with the artists to find meaningful ways to incorporate these visuals into a cohesive line.

The scarves inspired by Louise Gibson’s sculptures maintain the beige and transparent tones from her pieces. The flesh and muted colours become 3D shawls and embroidered details.

Santiago Taccetti’s work also communicates through texture. His pieces use raised elements that designers worked into leather for bags and purses. His art covers a range of media that comprise unconventional installations. This quality of unpredictability comes through in the simplicity of Front Row Society’s pieces.

Michelle Jezierski is the season’s third collaborating artist. Her work uses lines of geometric patterns on scarves. These lines also appear on wallets, adding dimension while maintaining simplistic sophistication.

The sophistication is present across the accessories from Front Row Society this season. The brand understands how to give artists a platform in fashion, while maintaining wearability. Items can be bought from stores in Berlin. For a listing by country and a better look at their brand, visit here.

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