Sound // Resonators: VVICKY at Suicide Circus

Article by Graham Haught in Berlin // Wednesday, Jun. 08, 2016

Berlin is getting curious. The German dance floors are no longer just playing hard core techno. Maybe that era is fading with the influx of new sounds; like people who move to Berlin and start wearing black until one day they remember their red or white Lacoste polo. 2014 was 2014. It was fun, there are still a lot of memories, but nostalgia is unproductive.


VVICKY, Illustration by Graham Haught

Often I walk into parties in Berlin and I can tell the DJs are heavily influenced by internet trends, senseless output of the self-same. Trends copy themselves and nothing new is created. Andy Warhol’s art and Vetements lean on the same conceptual counter; consumerism over affect.

VVICKY is doing something different and fresh, working more off intuition and creativity than looking around to see what other people think. VVICKY (from Portugal) played Thursday, June 2nd at Suicide Circus. Heavy repetitive Batucada sounds unfolded in the set, and it felt like I was observing a chicken fight in Senegal: beautiful mixed with a little Blood Diamond. VVICKY has no process, no form, just relentless curiosity.

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