Open Call // Agora Collective Residency Program CAPP

Article by Julianne Cordray in Berlin // Sunday, Jun. 12, 2016

Committed to an engagement with artistic and sustainable practices to engender a unified sense of community, diversity and social collaboration, Agora Collective is now announcing its residency program for 2016. Offered exclusively to Berlin-based artists, curators, collectives and initiatives, the program will provide one successful applicant with full funding for a three-month project. The residency is part of The Collaborative Arts Partnership Program (CAPP), which focuses on collaborative arts from a transnational perspective, working to generate new possibilities for artistic collaboration across Europe.

The program is conceived in three phases, each spanning one of the project term’s three months, which run from September 1 to November 30, 2016. Development of the project over the course of the residency will be based in Berlin and the interactions that occur within and around the city. The format will follow a framework comprising concepts of ‘The Artist as Ethnographer’ during the first month; ‘The Artist as Researcher’ in the second; and ‘The Artist as Educator’ in the final month.


In the first phase, the selected applicant will explore the practice of documenting and studying a particular community within Berlin’s cityscape, shaping a method of inquiry through the relationship between an artistic approach and hands-on fieldwork. For phase two, the data collected in the first phase will be translated into artistic research within a context developed by the applicant. The artist will then initiate a collaboration with participants of Agora’s AFFECT workshop, culminating in an exhibition in the final phase.

The selected participant will receive funds covering living expenses at a total of €2550; material, research and production costs totalling €1500; and exhibition production costs of €1000. In addition, the participant will be provided 30 square meters of studio space with 24-hour access, and communication, coordination and support from Agora’s team.

The successful candidate is required to lead an AFFECT workshop module—as part of Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices—for three sessions per week during the month of November, and to produce an exhibition at the end of the month comprising each phase of the project.

Those interested in collaborative practices are encouraged to apply with a research proposal that addresses the concepts outlined in Agora’s project framework. Applications will be assessed by a jury composed of Agora Collective e.V., Ellen Blumenstein, Kordula Fritze-Srbic, and Solvej Helweg Ovesen. The successful applicant will be notified by the end of July 2016.

Additional Info

The deadline for applications is 11pm on Friday, June 24, 2016.

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