Open Call // Body Mapping Lab at Teufelsberg

Article by Georgina Hahn in Berlin // Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2016

An open call for a performative expedition, ‘Body Mapping Lab’ invites interested participants to submit an application for September’s event at Teufelsberg. From September 3rd through the 10th, the iconic abandoned listening field station will host a week of writing workshops, exercises, and collaboration. Nathalie Fari, a researcher, performer and educator, is curating these events to create discussion around the body’s relation to space. By using Teufelsberg as a setting, the lab will look at questions of space as a medium and its transcendence through history. The lab’s final group performance will expand on the ideas discussed throughout the week. Applicants therefore should consider the site-specificity of Teufelsberg, with its importance in both past and present contexts.

In collaboration with theorist and author Rafael Dernbach, Nathalie Fari challenges individuals to look at Teufelsberg with a new perspective. The tower and surrounding location once utilized during the Cold War now stands abandoned. Because of Teufelsberg’s history and present desertion, the site intrigues locals and tourists alike. Visitors of the landmark go to experiment and express themselves in this unique setting. How does the presence of these various individuals mediate the space? The ‘Body Mapping Lab’ will analyze how the body’s physical form plays a role in the building’s ongoing history. Those interested in participating should submit a personal bio, an explanation of their interest in ‘Body Mapping Lab,’ and ideas for experiments to perform throughout the week.

Additional Info

The deadline for applications is August 3rd, 2016.

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