Open Call for Women Artists // Goldrausch Postgraduate Programme 2017

Article by Julianne Cordray in Berlin // Thursday, Aug. 04, 2016

The Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt invites women fine artists working across disciplines to apply for a year-long postgraduate professional development programme. The course offers diverse practical and professional training and insights in order to facilitate greater visibility of women artists in exhibitions and the art market, providing access to the knowledge and expertise necessary to gain better positioning within the public domain. Presentation and communication strategies play a vital role in the programme, with courses geared toward digital communications such as website design, as well as ways of effectively introducing and discussing oneself and one’s work. Further practical knowledge is focused on the basics of self-employment, project planning, finances, taxes and copyright law. Based in Berlin, the course will also be immersed in the city’s dynamic art scene, taking participants on excursions and to various discussions and events, where they will have the opportunity to form contacts and develop a more multifaceted perspective of the art world. Participants will conceptualize a catalogue and a final group exhibition, which will take place in Autumn 2017.

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The course duration is from January to December 2017. Seminars will be held three days a week and will be led by experienced art historians. Other experts in the field, including gallerists and curators, will also be invited to share insights, and additional activities and events will be scheduled outside of seminar hours.

Goldrausch invites women artists of all ages and nationalities to apply. A degree in fine arts from a university, art academy or equivalent is preferred, however self-taught applicants with strong professional experience will also be considered. Courses will be conducted in German, therefore a sufficient level of language comprehension is required in order to follow discussion. However, application materials and individual contributions will also be accepted in English. Selected artists must be based in Berlin in order to participate; a proof of residence certificate will be required. Participation in the programme is free of charge.

Additional Info

The application deadline is August 31, 2016.

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