Announcement // Thalamus V.02: A Line-Up of Live Experimental Sound and DJs

Article by April Dell in Berlin // Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2017

As part of the CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel 2017 programme—which partners the festivals with a diverse range of Berlin-based initiatives and venues—Thalamus Collective brings you the next installment in their event series, collaborating with artists from different fields to orchestrate interdisciplinary sound experiments. This weekend THALAMUS V.02 is hosted by Cashmere Radio for a night of live performance, an improvised sound exchange, DJ sets, and video works.


Starting at 8pm on Saturday, February 25th at the Cashmere Radio studio space, look forward to the fractured vocals, cinematic textures, and idiosyncratic sense of rhythm in a live set by Ausschuss. Alobhe and Privacy are performing a live improvised sound exchange, capturing the spontaneity and infinite possibilities of live performance that drives the Thalamus event series. Privacy’s classic electro structuring and Detroit pads mingle to produce forward-thinking music that also nods to the past. Alobhe’s live set-up explores and overwrites the limits of analog/digital and hardware/software conflicts. Their phenomenological “idgaf” approach includes crushing CPU and latency, whilst keeping warmth with analog filters and the use of voice, albeit often distorted beyond recognition. Spread out through the night, there will also be DJ sets by Chlorys, Serena Butler, and Utopus, and video works by Leo Munks and Hannah Schiefelbein. If you can’t make it out on Saturday, don’t worry, the evening’s performances will be broadcast live on, adding the transmedia potential of unlimited listeners to the experience. Admission to THALAMUS V.02 is free but donations are appreciated and go directly to the performing artists.

Thalamus is the initiative of two Berlin-based artists, who aim to blur the distinction between contemporary club culture and exhibition practices, and strive for a post-gender position in their curatorial practice. Cashmere Radio hosts a monthly Thalamus podcast, which studies different socio-political subjects through a vast array of music, sound, conversation, internet information and other noise. Look out for another upcoming Thalamus event next month, where they aim to instigate a conversation around gender representation in the cultural and institutional mechanisms of club music with a panel discussion followed by a live sound exchange (click here for more info).

Event Info

‘Thalamus: V.02’
Event: Feb. 25, 2017; 8pm—1am
Email for event address or tune in online

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