Open Call // Hardbakka Ruins Project 2017: The Caring Economy

Berlin // Sunday, Mar. 12, 2017

The Hardbakka Ruins Project has recently launched the open call for its 5th and final year workshop and exhibition program. For this occasion, participants are invited to consider the relationship between the traditionally polarized public and private spheres, the political realm of the Greek ‘agora’ and the domestic ‘oikos’.

Following from last year’s topic ‘Memento Mori’, which focussed on accelerationist technopolitics envisioning a post-work society where waged labour becomes fully automated, this year’s group will consider how unpaid and undervalued care work (for children, elderly, disabled, domestic and emotional work) might be similarly repositioned.

Curated by theory and design collective antiforum (Alison Hugill and Dan Dorocic) in collaboration with local organizers Lars Tørressen, Maria Johnsson, Philipp von Hase and Japanese artist Hidemi Nishida, the weeklong workshop will include a design-build component to create a series of ‘Care Machines’: prototypes for technologies that address burdens of care from a future-oriented perspective. ‘The Caring Economy’ aims to consider the costs and benefits of outsourcing domestic labour to technology. As usual, the workshop will be supplemented with theory-based readings on the topic.

The Hardbakka Ruins Project invites participants from all backgrounds—visual arts, architecture, design, urbanism, philosophy, care-work and more—to apply for the 2017 workshop and exhibition, which will run from June 23rd until July 2nd in Bergen, Norway.

Application Info
Applicants should send a selection of relevant work or website link to:
Deadline: April 1, 2017

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