Open Call // Unframed Festival 2017: Degrowth

Berlin // Apr. 15, 2017

The Unframed Festival is an open format festival with annually changing political topics. Crossover artworks, talks and workshops raise questions about contemporary issues of our societies and provide space for dialogues and collective creativity. The multicultural program takes place throughout varying event spaces within the cultural hotspots of Berlin. This year’s topic is ‘Degrowth’.

The festival’s main focus is to give a voice back to the people; raise debates; provide a stage of culture for everyone; connect newcomers with locals; provide free access for everyone.


By including all formats, like image, word or performance, the festival will put in question if the degrowth movement is a utopia or a turning point in our societies. Does avoidance of mass production and changing to sustainable consumption mean decreasing prosperity? Is non-consumption enriching art, culture and community? What does positive growth look like? How can we contribute to a growth that serves humanity?

To take part in the festival, please send your application as a PDF to with the following information:
▪ name of participant, collective or group
▪ name of work and format type (workshop, talk, product presentation, exhibition, performance, music, film screening or other)
▪ short description of your work and your theme
▪ work pictures and web links
▪ contact information and brief description of person, collective or group

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 28, 2017

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