Open Call for Artists // Centre’s Residency Program in Berlin and London

Apr. 28, 2017

The Centre for the study of substructered Loss is now accepting applications for 2017. Artists, researchers, and other art professionals from any country are encouraged to apply. The program supports emerging and established artistic professionals/researchers working in any medium. Residents can continue with existing projects or undertake new research.

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The residency program encourages experimentation and the development of multi/interdisciplinary studio work grounded in research within the field of grief and bereavement. The work can encompass and explore varying physical and emotional processes (or loss) that people undergo. Previous residents have undertaken both theoretical-historical and practice-based projects surrounding loss; working with, but not limited to the following subject matter: the aging process and the elderly, cancer, sex work and sexual assault, miscarriage, suicide, etc.

The residency programming is one month in duration followed by a brief presentation period. The Centre provides mentorship and guidance throughout the creative development process including iteration, subject-specific research, presentation of works, as well as access to local resources and administrative support. The Centre will arrange for shared studio, workshop facilities, or office desk space for the duration of the programming. The workspace will be located within a studio collective shared by other artists and working professionals. The environment will allow participants to engage in public conversations and cultivate dialogue with local artists and professionals. The Centre does not cover the costs of travel, living/housing expenses, production materials, presentation of works, or the shipping of materials of any artworks or objects produced or collected during the stay.

Application Info
Deadlines Berlin, Germany Residency (Summer 2017): May 06, 2017
Berlin, Germany Residency (Autumn/Fall 2017): June 04, 2017
London, United Kingdom Residency (Autumn/Fall 2017): June 26, 2017