Open Call for Artists and Researchers // Body Mapping Lab #2 at Teufelsberg

Article in Berlin // Saturday, Jun. 17, 2017

The Body Mapping Lab is calling for participation from artists and researchers, coming from various backgrounds and disciplines, who are interested in the emerging field of embodied research. The call is also directed to anyone who would like to experience the body in a special environment and context. You don’t need to be a professional practitioner of the respective embodied techniques associated with the program, but rather be open and curious to enhance the understanding of the body and the environment in which you are embedded.


Body Mapping Lab // Photo by Anton Roland Laub

This 10-day laboratory questions whether the body is losing its means and perception for being in contact with the environment and with other beings, beyond the omnipresence of digital life. At first, this assumption may sound nostalgic, or rather as an attempt to return back to the time when humankind was not so affected by the use of all sorts of technological devices. Yet, it has become undeniable that our ways of relating to either an environment or to one another have changed considerably. Specifically, the ability of the body to sense, observe and adapt to a certain locality, social field or condition has become an unpredictable and uncertain territory, where the borders between what is real and what isn’t are blurred.

There are two options for taking part in the Body Mapping Lab: you can join the entire program and engage in a working group and community by creating different outcomes and a public event on the last day of the Lab. Or you can take part in only one or more of the special classes (120 minutes each). Fees for both options are listed at the link below.

To book individual classes please write to For the entire program, you can register here .

Application Info
Deadline: August 15, 2017

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