Announcement // Technology Becomes Accessible at This Year’s Tech Open Air in Berlin

Article by Katharine Doyle in Berlin // Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017

Between the 11-14th July, Tech Open Air (TOA) in their 6th edition will return with their conference to the iconic and beautiful location of Funkhaus in Berlin. Through partnering with companies including Airbus BizLab, Bayer, Amazon, Google and KPMG, the festival will provide substantial resources for talks, workshops, meet-and-greets and much more. The festival is expecting to host over 20,000 attendees and 200 speakers. In addition, TOA will facilitate over 200 satellite events across Berlin. Since its establishment, it has grown along with the thriving Berlin tech ecosystem to become a renowned interdisciplinary technology festival which celebrates innovation and progressive approaches to realising the potentials of technology within our world.

Berlin Art Link Discover Tech Open Air 2017

Tech Open Air 2016, Berlin, Funkhaus

By presenting speeches between entrepreneurs, artists and scientists, Tech Open Air aims to create an expansive community by supporting satellite events across Berlin. The festival is significantly based on collaboration and puts emphasis upon the exchange of knowledge between technology entrepreneurs of all levels, from small start-ups to companies of a more established stance. For the less tech-savvy attendees, the chance to try out some of the latest VR hardware will be one of the experiences available.

TOA is offering Berlin Art Link readers 25% off purchased tickets with the discount code TOAlovesBerlinArtLink. You can purchase tickets here.

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