Announcement // ‘De-Integrate Yourselves!’ at the 3rd Berliner Herbstsalon

Berlin // Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

From November 11–26th, the third edition of Berliner Herbstsalon, ‘De-Integrate Yourselves!’ presents rebellious art, performance, and discourse against generalizations and simplifications. These events, which break down categorization and build up new narratives, will take place across the city of Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate through the Kronzprinzenpalais to the Palais am Festungsgraben and in the Maxim Gorki Theater itself.

Organized by Shermin Langhoff with Aljoscha Begrich, Çağla İlk, Erden Kosova, Tunçay Kulaoğlu, and Elena Sinanina, the exhibition brings together over 100 visual and performing artists who take a critical approach to the construction of identity. Artists include Danica Dakić, Alfredo Jaar, Aimée García Marrero, Nasan Tur, and Tobias Zielony, among others.

On November 11th at 7pm and 9pm, Marta Górnicka will present the latest play in her European triptych inspired by Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Mother Courage’. Górnicka uses the image of an orchestra playing death music in concentration camps to address present-day European nationalism and issues of migration. In the libretto, Górnicka blends Internet-hate speech with pop lyrics, speeches by Osama Bin Laden with contemporary politicians. She composes a “monstrous, national songbook” that explores the unity and cruelty of the Chorus as a character to reveal the community’s unconsciousness.

Marta Górnicka: 'Hymn to Love', 2017 // © Magda Hueckel / HUECKEL-STUDIO

Marta Górnicka: ‘Hymn to Love’, 2017 // © Magda Hueckel / HUECKEL-STUDIO

Find out more about the line-up for the Herbstsalon at the link below and don’t miss the opening at the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday, beginning with a ‘Feminist Parade’ by Lara Schnitger and featuring a series of performances in and around the Gorki Theater.

Exhibition Info

3. Berliner Herbstsalon: Nov. 11–26, 2017
Full program:
Am Festungsgraben 2, 10117 Berlin, click here for map

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