Open Call for Female, Non-Binary and Trans* Artists // District ‘Decolonizing 68’ Studio Fellowship 2018

Berlin // Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017

For their 2018 Studio Fellowship, ‘Decolonizing 68’, District invites artists and collectives to engage with the 1960s student movement in Germany from de-colonial and feminist perspectives. With a focus on the localization of artistic practice in urban space, District develops collaborative and research-oriented formats for art. Colonialism and neo-colonialism, international solidarity, anti-racism, migration, flight and asylum were major themes in the 1960s, and artists who work with these topics are encouraged to apply.

The project will take two artistic formats: Format I (eg. workshop, discussion, performance), as part of ‘Art of Revolt. Revolt of Art’ at the Open House of Cultures in Frankfurt and ‘Workshops of Revolution’ at the Arsenal Gallery in Poznan. At the end of the studio scholarship, Format II will be realized in cooperation with the alphanova & gallery futura in Berlin, and the artist will present the results of the research. Accordingly, the studio scholarship offers a public forum for reflection and the artist will engage in networking and trans-disciplinary studio talks with current scholarship holders.

This fellowship encourages the visualization of the role of students of color and the deconstruction of the white narrative of today’s Federal Republic. The studio scholarship is aimed at female, non-binary and trans* artists and will be awarded by a diverse panel of judges as part of a commitment to building a solidary artistic community. From February 1 to July 31, 2018, a €3,500 grant will be awarded to the recipient, with curatorial support included. The fellowship covers costs for travel and accommodation in Frankfurt and Poznan, but not in Berlin.

Application Info
Deadline: Dec. 13, 2017

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