Announcement // Montag Modus Performance Series: ‘Uncertain Distances’

Berlin // Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

Montag Modus will be presenting ‘Uncertain Distances’ as #16 in their performance series at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (CHB) on Monday, December 4th. Conceptualized in the event’s title are the discernible motifs the works deliberate on: the hardly definable connection of the artist and the artistic self, the circles of personal and communal experiences, and the unique relationship between the artist and each viewer of their work.

Berlin Art Link Montag Modus Performance Series

János-Brückner: ‘The Heritage’ // Courtesy of Montag Modus

André Uerba will present his collection of short performance-installations: ‘Small Pieces (1st Sketch)’, which is comprised of teasers for, as yet, non-existing works. ‘Small Pieces’ will be developed in three phases throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019, at which point it will premiere in full.

Drako Dragičević and Martin Sonderkamp will come together to present ‘Sonic Extensions’, which explores potential relations between body, sound, space, and movement. The piece itself will emerge as an audiovisual installation in a performance setting as the performers continually place sound objects in fluctuating spatial locations.

Viktória Dányi and Áron Porteleki are a dancer and a musician who in ‘Big Blonde and John (while you are at work)’ will use free improvisation to approach the reality of the other with questions and misunderstandings. As a mutual reality begins to form, the game of weaving associative thoughts becomes the secret building of a shared world. Their performance for Montag Modus will be unique, based on an improvised story and a new shared world.

János Brückner will present his work ‘The Heritage’, a trip through the apartments and back staircase of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin. It is also a trip through three personal stories in these intimate but empty spaces. These stories, told in three short film installations, or “trips”, are the intensive expression of biographical truth, each one pursuing a deep internal awareness or perhaps reflective state.

Performance Info

Group Show: ‘Uncertain Distances’
Performance: Dec. 4, 2017; 7–11pm
Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin, click here for map

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