Open Call for Artists // Sound Art for ‘res·o·nant’ at Jewish Museum Berlin

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

The Jewish Museum Berlin is inviting artists to contribute 60-second-long sound clips that will form an important part of conceptual artist Mischa Kuball’s 2018 ‘res·o·nant’ exhibition. Created especially for the new space on the lower ground floor of the museum, the exhibition will be walk-through light and sound installation and refer to, in the words of the artist, a “resonance between architecture and skin”.

The chosen entries, composed specially for ‘res·o·nant’, will be looped into the installation and continuously played on several loudspeakers in the space. Participating artists will be listed on the Jewish Museum website and in a publication about the project, planned to be released later this year. Visitors will also have access to information about the music included in the exhibition, such as author’s names and track titles.

Application Info
Deadline: Feb. 18, 2018

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