Announcement // ‘TOP40’ comes to Berlin

Berlin // Saturday, Feb. 24, 2018

After amassing loyal crowds of dancers, musicians, DJs, performance artists and club kids alike in Los Angeles and New York, Meghan Edwards is finally bringing her legendary party TOP40 to Berlin next week. Previous renditions have lasted for 22 and 40 nights straight (hence the name), but the Berlin edition will take place for one night only under the theme of ‘Transmissions.’ Edwards says that TOP40 is an international cultural collective with an intention to “construct a frame around what’s happening now” and celebrate cultural influence.

Although the show is only one night, it promises to live up to TOP40 standards. Beginning at exactly 7 pm on March 1 at ACUD MACHT NEU, the event will be the first in a series of immersive performative exhibitions, all with the goal to help establish healthy relationships with and dialogues surrounding topics like gender and genderless embodiment, social seduction and tolerance. The event comprises three sub-parts titled ‘Extreme Sonic Landscapes,’ ‘Human Sculpture Garden’ and ‘Exhibitionists Exhibition’ and artists such as CA2+, Ricardo Domeneck, Olympia Bukkakis, Jos McKain, Nora Way and Frances Wolf will perform.

Event Info

TOP40: Mar. 01, 2018; 7pm
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin, click here for map

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