Announcement // Maiden Speech Performance Series #2: ‘I was taken’

Article by Berlin Art Link in Berlin // Monday, Apr. 9, 2018

With the arrival of spring on the horizon, the performance collective Maiden Speech will channel the changing of seasons into the second event of their performance series. Taking place on April 14 at Im Leeren Raum, the full-length, immersive performance piece ‘I was taken’ draws from the myth of Persephone, the Ancient Greek Goddess of Spring. By means of suspended sketches, sound works and live theatrical interventions, the audience will be guided through the imagined space of Persephone’s Underworld. Her story of abduction, traditionally told through the eyes of the mother and the maiden archetypes, is fragmented, animated and reconstructed in a darkened interpretation that reveals the complex psychology in the act of taking.

Maiden Speech: ‘I was taken’, 2018 // Sketch by Michela Filzi

Maiden Speech is an ambitious project that aims to unite curatorial and performative practices. Founded in 2017 by Berlin-based artists Flora Dekkers, Michela Filzi, María Sánchez Alonso and Beatrix Joyce, the initiative acts as a means to share multi-disciplinary pieces within an independent framework.

Event Info

Performance: ‘I was taken’
Event: Apr. 14, 2018; 7pm
Ebersstraße 27, 10827 Berlin, click here for map

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