Open Call // Creamcake’s Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer” Symposium

Apr. 12, 2018

Creamcake and Gala Rexer are calling all artists, writers, activists, coders, thinkers, and scholars to participate in their inaugural assembly and explore the theoretical, artistic and political histories of our current techno-biopolitical reality. The first <Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer”> symposium will take place on April 28 at Südblock and aquarium, with three more dates to follow. The objective of the first meeting is to discuss the following: Who are we and what unites or separates us? How can we work together and what are our foundational values?

The event is a day and night-long series of conversations, brainstorming sessions, panels, lectures and performances dedicated to broadening the discourse around digital space. A place for reflection and action at the intersection of media, technology, gender and sexuality, aims to formulate strategies for queering the blurred line between science, music and art. Discussion will focus on trans- and interdisciplinary approaches to feminist ideas and concepts, and developing reading, writing, thinking, performing and sounding practices, as well as other political work, in order to analyze contemporary thought on nature, culture and technology. The first in a series of four, this interdisciplinary symposium consists of talks, lectures, workshops and other experiments concerning feminist and queer perspectives in digital art, music and new technologies.

Applicants are asked to provide a summary of their practice and what they wish to explore during the first , as well as a description of why they believe this topic is  important and interesting, what social relevance and impact their practice has and a short bio of their work including the tools and support needed to present the work. Accepted applicants will be invited to present their project or research on April 28 at Südblock and aquarium in Berlin. The cost of food and accommodation will be covered as much as possible and contributions will be made to your travel expenses. Resources for travel are limited but we are also open to connecting online.

Application Info
Deadline: Apr. 13, 2018

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