Open Call for Artists // RK Residency

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Artists of all disciplines and nationalities are invited to apply for this year’s fully-funded RK Residency in Tbilisi and/or Kachreti, Georgia. Founded by artist-curator Ria Keburia, the residency lasts between two weeks and one month, and covers all travel expenses (up to 400 EUR from Europe; up to 1000 EUR from outside of Europe) as well as production costs. Selected artists will also be provided with housing in the Ambassadori hotel, which has locations in both Tbilisi and Kachreti, and a stipend of 800 EUR. At the end of the residency, a group exhibition will showcase participants’ newly created works alongside pieces by local artists, unified under the theme of “Resistance as the Way of Survival.”

During the residency, artists should consider which tools can be used to protect our fragile, inner selves from today’s wildness and what tactics can help us resist consumeristic order. In other words: How can we follow our true desires, while not ignoring, hiding from or losing ourselves within the outside world?

Application Info
Deadline: May 20, 2018

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