Apply to be Exhibited by The New Networked Normal

May 15, 2018

Last year Berlin’s transmediale began collaborating with four other European institutions to explore art, technology and nationality in the age of the internet. They founded a platform called The New Networked Normal (NNN), which recently launched an open call for new artistic projects to be hosted on from September 2018-April 2019. NNN will support the creation of two to four artworks and provide each selected artist with a stipend of €1,000–4,000 to help cover fees and production costs.

The formation of NNN was inspired by topics such as new networked geographies, tax-free art storage sites, the darkweb and other liminal spaces, and aims to question the opportunities and challenges that these places pose for anonymity, authorship and autonomy. Accordingly, artists should submit project proposals that confront these focus areas, but the opportunity is open to all individuals and groups working across any discipline in Europe. NNN is comprised of transmdiale, Abandon Normal Devices (UK), the Centre de Cultura Contempoània de Barcelona (ES), The Influencers (ES) and STRP (NL).

Application Info
Deadline: May 31, 2018

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