Phile Magazine to Host Balls Out! at Freudenzimmer

Article by Samuel Staples // July 13, 2018

Phile Magazine, a biannual publication investigating sexuality and underrepresented kink and sex-positive communities, will host an event in Berlin this Saturday July 14 to promote their latest issue and share their ethos for inclusion, sex positivity and celebration.

Following the implementation of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking and Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (FOSTA-SESTA) by the US Senate and House, there has been a dramatic increase in online censorship amongst sex working and kink communities. FOSTA-SESTA claims to combat trafficking across online platforms but instead prevents sex workers’ abilities to work safely online, forcing them back onto the streets and risking their lives in the process.

Phile Magazine, Balls Out Poster

Phile is no stranger to online censorship, having had its social media accounts repeatedly taken down due to vague community guidelines and broad overarching algorithms set in place to comply with them. As sex-positive spaces become increasingly threatened in the digital sphere, Phile aims to create safe spaces in which these various communities can congregate with one another by hosting events across Europe and North America.

Phile dedicates their publication to highlighting and sharing the stories of a variety of unrepresented sexual communities, such as sexual and kink subcultures as well as queer POC and sex workers, encouraging an outlook of inclusion and positivity of sexual expression. This Saturday’s event at Freudenzimmer will feature a lineup consisting of queer, female and POC talent including, VaVa DuDu, Arcangelo, Ciarra Black and a performance by Young Boy Dancing Group.

Event Info

Phile Magazine: Balls Out!
Details: July 14, 2018; 11pm – 8am
Mehringdamm 61,10961 Berlin

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