Apply for Hive, a Six-Month Collaborative Residency in France

Sept. 12, 2018

Thecamp in Provence, France is calling all creatives, engineers, research scientists, coders and artists to apply for Hive, a six-month collaborative residency to create projects for a brighter future. Whether you want to make an art piece, interactive experience, technological solution or social or environmental innovation, applicants are encouraged to share their ideas and past projects for a chance to participate in Hive. The 20 selected residents will be expected to collectively develop five prototypes by the end of the period.

View of thecamp // Photo by Golem Images for thecamp and Corinne Vezzoni & Associates

During the six months, living accommodations, activities and food will be provided with a €600 per month stipend. Thecamp will also have workspaces with computers, software, Aduino machines and free access to the ‘FabLab’ with a dedicated team of facilitators and mentors who will work alongside Hive participants throughout the stages of their projects. Projects with true potential will grant Hivers the chance to either remain at thecamp and continue developing, be incubated in thecamp’s Accelerator program to further their ideas, or test their project on the field within thecamp’s lab.

Application Info
Deadline: Sept. 30, 2018; 11:59pm

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