European Month of Photography is Back

Sept. 26, 2018

Germany’s largest photo festival, the European Month of Photography (EMOP), enters its eighth year on September 28th. Berlin’s museums, galleries, embassies, project spaces and schools will showcase a wide array of photographers and genres, along with over 300 events, running until October 31st.

To initiate the festival, the EMOP Opening Days, from September 28th-30th, will be among the highlights of Berlin Art Week, during which internationally renowned artists, curators and archivists will put on lectures and talks as well as performances, live acts and workshops.

Ute Mahler: ‘Jutta Deutschland’, Primaballerina der Komischen Oper Berlin, Modefotografie für «Sibylle», 1980 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg // © Ute Mahler. Courtesy: Galerie Springer

me Collectors Room, for example, will be showcasing older and more famous works from the Olbricht Collection in ‘The Moment is Eternity’, also part of Berlin Art Week, while the Botanical Garden and Museum will show recent photos by Jonas Feige and Yana Wernicke, looking at German Colonialism in Cameroon. Each exhibition and artist will bring something different to the table to celebrate and dissect the multifaceted craft of photography.

Every two years since its founding in 2004, the European Month of Photography has aimed at displaying historical and contemporary photography through outdoor exhibitions, large museum shows, and gallery presentations. The EMOP organization also supports and grows its mission by putting on festivals in cities all over Europe—including Athens, Bratislava, Paris and Vienna–and this month over 50 venues and hundreds of participants will carry on its legacy.

Gregor Sailer: ‘Carson City VI / Vårgårda, Sweden’, 2016, from the series ‘The Potemkin Village’ // © Gregor Sailer, Courtesy: Kehrer Galerie

Festival Info

Festival: Sept. 28 – Oct. 31, 2018

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