Open Call for Klirrrrr Festival: Queer Cultures of Conflict

Jan. 29, 2019

Conflicts are part of planets, fantasies, languages and lifestyles. They manifest in our bodies, through our emotions, in our direct social surroundings, in cities, in politics. In short, they are part of everyday experiences and unavoidable within a heterogenous society. How can conflicts be zones of productive exchange rather than hostile dispute? How can they develop without the use of violence, but yet attack normativity?

These are the questions that Klirrrrr Festival aims to explore collectively. As part of ‘Caring for Conflict’, a cultural education project that works in cooperation with different Berlin-based youth clubs, colleges, schools and independent initiatives, it probes artistic strategies and tools in order to find novel ways of identifying and tackling conflicts from a queer-feminist perspective. Its programme consists of performances, exhibitions, music, videos, workshops and discussions.

Berlin-Art-link Open Call Post, Klirrrrr Festival Poster,  © El Boum

Klirrrrr Festival Poster, 2019 // © El Boum

People aged 18-25 are welcome to take part in planning and realising the festival at District. During regular meetings participants will work together with curators, artists, activists, bloggers, researchers and educators to exchange ideas, think, discuss, learn, eat and develop a programming for the upcoming festival.

Meetings will primarily be held in German. Other languages are welcome, but need to be mentioned in the application. The first meeting will be at District Berlin on February 2nd, 2019.

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