Open Call for Participation in Sofia Art Week 2019

Mar. 02, 2019

For this year’s Sofia Art Week, Æther, an independent art space led by artist Voin de Voin in the heart of Sofia, is inviting participants to join a collective ritual of reflections. This event takes place from July 15–22, 2019. The call is open to all art practitioners affiliated with the contemporary art field, including institutional bodies, art initiatives, individual artists, freelance curators, theorists and speakers and seeks proposals for participation in group exhibitions, solo initiatives, curators’ propositions and talks.

Sofia Art Week, SAW logo // Image Credits Svetlana Mircheva

Sofia Art Week, SAW logo // Image Credits Svetlana Mircheva

The topic is Great, But Late? – A Battlefield of Dialectics Between Form and Sensitivity. The abbreviation of Sofia Art Week, SAW, is the past tense of ‘seeing’ or ‘to see’. It also refers to a tool made up of a tough blade designed to cut through material such as wood, metal or stone. It is these meanings that form the questions open for discussion: what do we need to witness in order to arrive or relate to the question of the Act? What do we need to lose/chop/cut/extract, in order to see through, and truly begin? Starting from the new meanings evoked by the dialectics between seeing and believing, a common ground of discussion wants to be established: which is more valid as a truth, what someone tells you, or what you experience by doing?

Application Info
Deadline: Mar. 25, 2019

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