Interiors to Being: A Public Exploration of Berlin’s Artists

Article by Ernela Vukaj // June 07, 2019

‘Interiors to Being,’ a month-long series of curatorial projects taking place next month in Berlin, will explore ideas surrounding private and public spaces within the city. The brainchild of Pauline Doutreluingne and April Gertler, the festival is structured according to six “chapters,” each of which comprises multiple events. Artists will, for example, exhibit works and give performances, but there will also be talks, tours and more to invite the general public to step into the shoes of artists living in Berlin, including Conny Becker, Katja Haustein & Hannah Goldstein (KAETHA), Teena Lange and Lotte Møller, among others.

All participants of ‘Interiors to Being’ are part of the extensive creative network of Picture Berlin, a non-profit artist residency and art academy founded by Gertler. One highlight of the festival is Gertler’s ‘In Search of the Miraculous,’ during which a Berlin-based artist will take you on a walk around their chosen neighbourhood of the city. Tickets cost €10 per walk and the artists partaking include Marcus Brownlow, Andrew Burford, Valentina Culley-Foster, Adrian Schiesser, Joachim Schmid. You can sign up for a walk by emailing

One of the most anticipated chapters, ‘Hosting,’ includes a seven-piece exhibition curated by the festival’s Artistic Director Pauline Doutreluingne herself. The series of events will take place in a private garden, asking visitors to consider the notion of hosting strangers in a private setting. Throughout this exhibition, you will be able to join salons, discussions and readings, as Doutreluingne explores the constant change of the city and the artist’s place within that – both literally and figuratively.

Hannah Doherty: ‘Hosting: Symbionts, Parasites and Other Relations’ // Courtesy of Picture Berlin

Festival Info

Festival: July 1–31, 2019
Website Launch Party: Saturday, June 08; 7pm
Tête, Schönhauser Allee 161A, 10435 Berlin, click here for map

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