Applications Now Open for the 2019 CROSS Award

July 17, 2019

Founded in 2014 by Tommaso Sacchi, the CROSS Award is an international award for those working in the fields of music and the performing arts, including dance and theatre, and the applications for the 2019 edition—hosted by LIS Lab Performing Arts in collaboration with Fondazion Piemonte dal Vivo and Ricola—are now open. Artists, professionals and companies with at least three years of experience are invited to apply for the award, which includes a 4,000€ budget to produce a new work and 16-day residency in Verbania, Italy.

Roberto Fassone: ‘Canzoni che mi porterei su un isola deserta,’ performance for CROSS Award 2017 // Photo by Paolo Sacchi

Generally speaking, the CROSS Award aims to promote investigations and artistic expressions related to the combination of different styles and genres. More specifically, the 2019 CROSS Award wants to support productions that highlight the theme of “territory,” especially those that address the landscape and environmental concerns; however, there are no limits as to how this topic should or could be explored. A total of four finalists will receive awards to produce projects that include multiple languages and/or diverse expressive practices, such as music composition and interpretation, DJ sets, live soundtracks, noise music, body performance, singing, motion-capture, video art and site-specific design.

Glroni e Garacu: ‘CTRL ZETA,’ performance for CROSS Award 2017 // Photo by Paolo Sacchi

Entering the award competition is free and projects can be submitted via an online portal. All submissions must include: a project title and description, personal and contact details of the applicant, audio tracks (when applicable), and a CV and portfolio. Applications will be evaluated based on the use of sound and music; the originality of the proposed project; use of different languages, art practices and media; and the involvement of the surrounding territory and/or community.

Application Info
Deadline: Sept. 6, 2019

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