Berlin Art Week 2019 Hotel & Restaurant Guide

Berlin Art Week is coming up September 9–15. Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splurge, we’ve shortlisted some of our top suggestions for beautifully designed places to stay and eat during Berlin’s biggest art week of the year.

Potsdamer Straße 3, 10785 Berlin, Tiergarten

Mandala Hotel

After long days of seeing art and socializing, retreat into the serenity of this five-star luxury hotel with its minimalistic design and highest-level service. Located directly on Potsdamer Platz, just down the street from the Potsdamer Straße gallery cluster, The Mandala Hotel is proudly privately owned and operated and to even further your relaxation there’s ONO Spa, a 600-square-meter wellness center on the top floor. Here regenerative technology is fused with traditional spa features, and your time spent there will offer a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle on the streets below. Plus, if you find yourself looking for more spacious rooms without sacrificing the luxury and privacy of The Mandala, look no further than The Mandala Suites on Friedrichstraße.

Brandenburgische Straße 21, 10707 Berlin, Wilmersdorf
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 6:30–11pm

Golden Phoenix at Provocateur

Step off Berlin’s gritty streets and enter a saloon that transports you back to Paris in the roaring twenties: the velour chairs, cocktail menus designed and printed like retro magazines, and golden candelabras on seemingly every surface at the Golden Phoenix will only whet your appetite for what’s to come. The cocktails here are designed anew every year and present contemporary twists on classics like margaritas and pisco sours. Each drink is accompanied by an edible scented wafer that truly enhances not only the presentation but also the taste itself. After savoring the mixology in the bar, head toward the dining room for culinary delight. Chef The Duc Ngo offers upscale pan-Asian cuisine topped with French finesse. Take the dim sum menu, for example, which includes dishes like Scallop Sui Mai (scallops, minced prawns and trout caviar) and sea bass sashimi with Chinese chili jam and pine nuts. The main dish temptations include Tuna Steak Chinoise (short grilled tuna, choy sum, pickled mushrooms and garlic chips) as well as the Veal Chop (grilled veal, broccoli, plum, almond and plum umami sauce). If you’re anything like us and can’t decide on just a few dishes, opt for The Experience, which, just like the menu says, “seduces you with 15 dishes … and will satisfy you to the climax.”

Weinmeisterstraße 2, 10178 Berlin, Mitte

The Weinmeister Hotel

The Weinmeister offers a truly Berlin experience, located in the centre of Mitte’s galleries and museums. Carefully designed by artists from all over the world, guests will find painted murals and artworks along with large beds, and at every step of the way through the rest of the hotel, they will be pleasantly surprised by graffiti and art-covered surfaces. Guests can enjoy the cocktail lounge, spa and hotel terrace with a jacuzzi and sunbathing chairs overlooking the city landscape – a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

Lausitzer Straße 25, 10999 Berlin, Kreuzberg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Thursday, 6:30pm; Friday–Saturday, 6pm

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide: Lode Stijn

Lode & Stijn // Photo © Sam Harris

Named after its chefs Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi and with a chic new interior influenced by its location in Kreuzberg, Lode & Stijn’s dishes are known for their seasonality and focus on diverse vegetables. The chefs have integrated their experiences working at restaurants around the world and rarely will the menu be the same twice, as it changes in accordance with what their regional partners have on hand. Produce and meat are sourced mainly from farmers around Berlin, fish is fresh from the North and Baltic Seas and the beans used to make your after-dinner coffee were roasted just around the corner. Even the wine list is regularly updated with new selections by their in-house sommelier Ole Ortmann. But just because it’ll soon be autumn doesn’t mean there won’t be fruit: Lode & Stijn maintains fragments of each season year-round through preserves and fermented specialities made in-house.

Kantstraße 144, 10623 Berlin, Charlottenburg

Sir Savigny

From artwork by local artists to custom-made furniture and curated reading selections, Sir Savigny provides guests with a tucked away oasis. The hotel features smaller, more budget-friendly rooms as well as deluxe suites, and everyone has access to the courtyard, where you can simply relax and breathe in the scent of the orange trees. If you find yourself in bed needing a midnight snack after a long day of running around town, don’t fret: all rooms are equipped with a “dial-a-burger” button that immediately connects to the in-house restaurant, The Butcher.

Hallesche Str. 10, 10963 Berlin, Kreuzberg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Sunday, from 6pm

Layla // © David Sonntag

With dishes that combine the traditional cuisine of the Middle East with international flavors, ingredients and techniques, dining at Layla is an experience for all senses. Star chef Meir Adoni was born in Morocco but has worked around the world, from Paris to Sidney, from Copenhagen to New York, and his experience in each place is reflected in the menu’s diversity. We particularly recommend the smoked trout fritters, eggplant carpaccio and Kubaneh, a special Yemeni bread. But more than just gastronomies, you also must indulge in the mixology, as the drink menu was developed by renowned Italian bartender Emanuel Broccatelli. Classic cocktails are harmonized with a selection of herbs and spices, much like classic dishes are infused with Adoni’s unique flare.

Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin, Mitte
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday, 11:30–12am; Saturday, 11–12am; Sunday, 11am–11pm

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide

Cecconi’s // © Soho House

With its black and white marbled flooring, plush red leather banquettes and modern glass chandeliers, Cecconi’s puts you in the mood to eat – and eat well. The restaurant on the ground floor of Berlin’s Soho House offers a menu rife with Italian decadence: tuna and beef tartars, burrata topped with pistachio, chili-infused lobster spaghetti, and perfectly grilled octopus with equally perfect capers, olives, celery and tomatoes. High on your to-eat list should be the Tonnarelli cacio and pepe, a homemade pasta brought to the table inside a wheel of Pecorino Romano cheese. It’s a simple yet incredibly delicious dish, especially if you opt for the truffle upgrade. To round out your experience, don’t miss the well-curated wine list and rotating cocktail menu featuring seasonal specialties.

Friedrichstraße 113, 10117 Berlin, Mitte

Hotel AMO // Photo by Jens Bösenberg

Inspired by the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City, hotelier Ariel Schiff developed an underground concept for Hotel AMO: To enter, you walk into a glass pavilion in the middle of a courtyard in central Berlin and then continue down a luxe spiral staircase into an elegantly designed lobby adjacent to Joseph, the chic in-house restaurant, and AMO Bar. (If your bag is heavy, fear not; there’s also an elevator next to the staircase.) So after hopping from gallery to gallery, retreat underground, enjoy salmon with falafel crust, slow cooked beef, Damascus Kibbeh or another option from the refined menu at Joseph, and then relocate to your room above ground. Here you’ll find Art Deco–inspired spaces, complete with unusually high ceilings and plush décor to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Köpenicker Straße 174, 10997 Berlin, Kreuzberg
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 7pm–12am

Berlin Art Link 2019 Hotel & Restaurant Guide


We’re tempted to say that Richard is the most beautiful restaurant in Berlin. Housed in a Kreuzberg Altbau, the stained-glass windows, ornate wood ceilings and relief carvings in the cornice give way to eggshell-white walls adorned with works by contemporary masters: a two-panel painting by Rose Wylie hangs in one corner, opposite of which is a drawing by Pierre Klossowski (who happens to be Balthus’s brother); one sculpture by Thomas Kiesewetter stands on a plinth, while another protrudes from its position on the wall. From the ceiling hang statement-making hand-blown glass chandeliers in translucent, pale hues of purple, pink, blue and yellow. More than just feeling like you’re dining in someone’s bespoke home however, the food itself is also incomparable. With a Michelin star, owner Hans Richard and chef Francesco Contiero create innovative menus with seasonal produce, such as a roasted red pepper elegantly draped atop a buffalo-milk ricotta or Chawanmushi, a savory Japanese custard dish, with peas and smoked eel. The full eight-course tasting menu is a must, otherwise you’ll miss out on too many culinary treasures. Allow your server to pair your drinks, and when you leave you’ll never think of celery root the same again.

Flottwellstraße 45, 10785 Berlin, Tiergarten
Alte Jakobstraße 100, 10179 Berlin, Mitte

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Grimm's Hotel

Grimm’s am Potsdamer Platz

As one of Berlin’s newest hotels directly next to one of the city’s newest green spaces, the Grimm’s Hotel At Potsdamer Platz is located opposite of Gleisdreick Park. You can step outside and be surrounded by open fields, yet if you walk five minutes in the other direction you will find yourself among the many galleries on and near Postdamer Straße. Inside the hotel, which also has a second location near Hackescher Markt, the rooms feature Brothers Grimm-inspired décor designed by seven local artists. With its rooftop terrace overlooking the park, Grimm’s Hotel Postsdamer Platz is the perfect place to stay for a quiet retreat as well as easy access to the week’s many art events.

Linienstraße 54, 10119 Berlin, Mitte
Opening Hours: Tuesday–Friday, 8am–5pm; Saturday–Sunday, 10am–5pm

berlin art week restaurant guide 2019

Black Isle Bakery // © Robbie Lawrence

This contemporary Scottish bakery in Mitte is named after a peninsula in the Scottish Highlands and the homeland of its founder, Ruth Barry. With a background in contemporary art, Ruth gave her bakery a delicate artistic touch. The space is minimal with its white walls, grey floor and dominant copper bench. The texts on the walls very subtly tell the story of the path to Black Isle, transporting its customers to the Scottish countryside as they enjoy delicious pastries in central Berlin. Occasionally, visitors are invited to Black Isle Bakery’s special dinner events, made in collaboration with Italian chef Arianna Plevisani. The dinners, for a select number of guests, are accompanied by a paring of low intervention and natural wines. If you like great homemade bread, modern recipes and seasonal ingredients, all served in a beautiful gallery-like space, you’ll love Black Isle Bakery.

Friedrichstraße 23, 10969 Berlin, Kreuzberg
Hessische Straße 5, 10115 Berlin, Mitte

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Miniloft


Designed with sustainability in mind, the Miniloft Kreuzberg, which just opened last winter, and its sister location in Mitte are built with high-quality, long-last materials and feature grass roofs to help reduce water run-off and clean the air. Plus, a sun-shade system in combination with ceiling fans acts as a replacement for air conditioning during the summer months. More than its eco-friendly mentality though, both locations of the Minilofts provide furnished apartments rather than only rooms, and they are impressively design-oriented. The Kreuzberg location also recently opened the charming Café Nullpunkt on its ground floor. But if you want breakfast in you own space, fear not, for each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette, self-service laundry and an ensuite bathroom. So sit back, relax and enjoy a meal in your new (albeit temporary) Berlin home.

Mauerstraße 76, 10117 Berlin, Mitte
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday, 11am–8pm; Saturday–Sunday, 12:30–8pm
Große Hamburger Straße 38, 10115 Berlin, Mitte
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday, 11am–9:30pm; Saturday–Sunday, 12:30–9:30pm
Dorotheenstraße 83, 10117 Berlin, Mitte
Opening Hours: Monday–Friday, 11am–8pm; Saturday–Sunday, 12:30–8pm

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Beets & Roots

Beets & Roots

Beets & Roots is a fast-casual favorite for healthy eaters on the go. With three locations in Mitte – one recently opened just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie, another in the hub of the Auguststraße gallery district, and one near the Brandenburg Gate – the restaurant offers vegetarian-friendly bowls, salads, wraps and soups at reasonable prices. The menu of freshly made and flavorful fare is complemented by the minimal and chic interior design, with grey and rose-colored tiles, ceiling light sculptures and concrete elements blending seamlessly with the neighborhood vibes. The patio and outdoor seating also make each of the locations hotspots for good-weather dining. We particularly recommend trying the Avocado Bowl, one of their best-selling signature dishes.

Kurfürstendamm 25, 10719 Berlin, Charlottenburg

Berlin Art Link Hotel & Restaurant Guide 2017

Hotel Zoo Berlin

Hotel Zoo Berlin, a jewel of the Kurfürstendamm from the 1920s to the 1950s, has been newly-polished with an interior redesign by Dayna Lee of NY and L.A.-based Powerstrip Studios. Building on the hotel’s historic character, Lee has accentuated the high-ceilings and sourced bespoke furniture for the entire hotel. Crown mouldings, walnut wood doors, industrial windows and exposed brick walls lend Hotel Zoo Berlin a charm befitting its history. The restaurant Grace, opened in 2015, is a culinary experience not to be missed, including fine dishes of Miso Black Cod and Rib Eye Steak with Asparagus and Lavender, as well as vegetarian specialities. Dinner can also be enjoyed on the green terrace of the restaurant.

Lobe Block, Böttgerstraße 16, Berlin, Wedding
Opening Hours: Cafe: Tuesday–Friday, 9am–4pm; Lunch: Tuesday–Friday, 12–14:30pm; Dinner: Thursday–Friday, 6:30pm

Baldon // Photo by Richard Pflaume

Celebrating its one-year anniversary right before Berlin Art Week, Baldon is everything you want when you come to Berlin: an all-day coffeehouse, a laid-back spot for lunch on any day of the week (except Mondays), and a casual fine dining restaurant on Thursday and Friday nights – all within a space that offers a beautiful backyard and neighbors that include a yoga studio, artist ateliers and small offices. The architectural site itself, the Lobe Block, is one to be seen, with its multiple tiers and terraces, including one on the roof. Baldon’s lunch menu changes daily and their dinner menu monthly, each rotating based upon what their local produce suppliers have in season. At times there will be a fully vegetable-based menu, while at other times fish, roasted chicken, beef or pork might make an appearance. But no matter the main courses, the dishes are sure to surprise your palette in the most pleasant way possible.

Invalidenstraße 31, 10115 Berlin, Mitte

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Boutique Hotel i31 Hotel

Boutique Hotel i31

This boutique hotel is a perfect choice for design-conscious travelers, offering a mixture of contemporary design and Berlin’s laid-back atmosphere. Located within walking distance of the Mitte galleries and various train lines, Boutique Hotel i31 has 121 rooms spread out over seven floors with distinct categories: Comfort Container, Comfort Plus, White & Brown Comfort, Pure Comfort, Pure Standard, Comfort Cozy and Pure Cozy. The first option highlights modern urban architecture in a way that is unique to i31. On the rooftop of the neighboring building are four repurposed shipping containers and a lush terrace; from the outside it looks like any urban rooftop garden with apple trees and strawberry and raspberry plants, but upon entering one of these containers the visitor is transported into a modern hotel-room oasis. Downstairs enjoy breakfast in the appropriately named Cozy Restaurant, which can also be rented and rearranged for all kind of events, or a drink in the similarly well-named Cozy Bar.

Potsdamer Straße 85, 10785 Berlin, Tiergarten
Opening Hours: Monday–Sunday, 12pm–12am

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Sticks'n'Sushi


Founded in Copenhagen in 1994 by two brothers, Sticks’n’Sushi has since expanded to London and Berlin. In its beautiful location on Potsdamer Straße – where it’s home to two floors conjoined by an open-plan spiral staircase and next door to galleries like Esther Schipper and Galerie Judin – the restaurant offers a unique combination of traditional sushi and yakitori skewers. So more than fish, you can expect a selection of perfectly grilled chicken, pork and beef, along with a special “Greens” section of the menu, which features classic and innovative vegetable dishes. There’s Jerusalem artichoke and edamame, but also the Greenkeeper: a blend of seaweed salad, avocado nigiri, tofu aioli, edamame hummus and artichoke chips. You might go for the sushi, but you’ll stay for the veggies.

Brandenburgische Straße 21, 10707 Berlin, Wilmersdorf


While Provocateur promises the highest level of quality, service and design, it also promises something a little extra: a burlesque elegance with a touch of glamor, a bit of the exotic and even a trace of the risqué. In other words, the hotel, situated in Wilmersdorf, a quiet and beautiful neighborhood nestled between Charlottenburg and Schöneberg, combines the urban feel of Berlin with fantasies of 1920s Paris. The rooms come in all shapes and sizes – from the more affordable Petite and Intime rooms to luxe suites with rooftop terraces and standalone bathtubs – but no matter your budget, every room comes with the special Provocateur Mode, which is unique to the hotel and features sound and projected video. So turn off the lights and switch on your inner provocateur.

Wörtherstraße 22, 10405 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg
Opening Hours: Monday, 3–10pm; Wednesday–Sunday, 1–10pm

Berlin Art Link Hotel + Restaurant Guide 2019: Tenzen Lab

Ice machine, Tenzan Lab

A unique gem hidden in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, Tenzan lab acts as a bridge between Japan and Berlin by specializing in the traditional Japanese street food of kakigori (“shaved ice”). In the last five years, the dish has become a hit throughout Asia and now in Berlin it is prepared right in front of you with a special hand-powered machine brought to Germany from Japan directly by the owner himself. The frozen water also isn’t your average shaved ice; rather, it’s made from soft water provided by a local supplier who filters it to have the exact pH quality of tap water in Japan. The ice is then layered with different toppings, such matcha and apricot, as well as more unusual ones, like fermented sake leaves. If a savory snack is more your style, try the taiyaki, a traditional Japanese waffle in the shape of fish which symbolizes a good fortune.

Oderberger Straße 57, 10435 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

Hotel Oderberger

The Hotel Oderberger is a boutique hotel in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district, originally designed as the ‘Stadtbad Oderberger’ in 1898 by architect Ludwig Hoffmann. The historic indoor swimming hall is the jewel of the hotel. For 30 years, the swimming pool was vacant but after extensive renovations, and with a commitment to maintaining the architectural elegance of the era of its founding, the bath house was reopened. The hotel has a long-standing cooperation with artists, currently showing works by Johanna Keimeyer, Cornelia Enderlein and Manolo Ty in the restaurant, the fireplace bar, the library, the hallways and the hotel rooms.

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