Explore Transitory Practice with ‘Tracks in a Box’ Artist-Guided Tours

Article by Ernela Vukaj // Aug. 27, 2019

The CLB Berlin pop-up at Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz will be collaborating with nomadic curatorial platform B_Tour this September on a project that explores hosting guided tours as an artistic practice. ‘Tracks in a Box: When Artists Make Guided Tours’ will consist of 10 different audio walks, self-guided explorations and performative tours created by a number of Berlin-based artists. Devised with the intention to reflect on ideas like how to “archive the unarchivable,” and preserve artistic tour projects, ‘Tracks in a Box’ explores what an archive would look like if it were to consist of transitory, participatory and performative artworks.

José Délano, ‘UBahn,’ 2019 // Photo courtesy of Tracks in a Box

The experimental project is curated by Yael Sherill and co-curated by Lianne Mol, and will ask questions such as ‘Who lives on Moritzplatz Island?’ and ‘How is everyday life for an inhabitant of utopia?’ The project takes inspiration from the situationist dérive concept and considers the idea of exploring urban and public space while also being aware of one’s own range of perception. It approaches the imagination as a collective playing field that belongs to the realm of the public as opposed to being an individual activity. “Rather than creating one shared idealistic vision, this exhibition brings together multiple overlapping and contradictory imaginary landscapes to celebrate the coexistence of nightmares, wild fantasies and daydreams,” explains Sherill.

José Délano, ‘Plane,’ 2019 // Photo courtesy of Tracks in a Box

The accompanying programme includes talks with Berlin-based institutions such as SAVVY Contemporary, as well as ‘Walk & Talks’ with participating artists. Amsterdam-based duo Helwes & Van Goudoever will also be conducting a performance, in line with a Berlin Art Week special “midissage,” which will consist of them re-staging their work ‘Slow Time,’ a mini sound walk that temporarily shifts space, time and perception through the use of ambient noise. Additionally, the exhibition will feature newly commissioned works by Birte Endrejat, Wanda Dubrau and Pia Lanzinger in the realms of sound, image, performance, text and technology.

José Délano, ‘Penguins,’ 2019 // Photo courtesy of Tracks in a Box

Exhibition Info

‘Tracks in a Box: When Artists Make Guided Tours’
Guided Tours: Sept. 07–27, 2019
Opening: Friday, Sept. 06, 2019; 7pm
Prinzenstrasse 85C, 10969 Berlin, click here for map

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