‘Good to Talk’ – A Day of Conversation About Art at Berghain Kantine

Sept. 18, 2019

On September 28th, ‘Good to Talk’ will host its second edition at Berghain Kantine. The daylong event offers a platform to communicate ideas about art, outside the established artistic structures of galleries and exhibition spaces.

‘Good to Talk’ promises, as the name suggests, lots of conversation: through an assortment of mediums – such as lectures, panel discussions, debates, monologues and pieces spoken and sung – art and its future will be discussed. The day will be framed by performances and artistic interventions in and around the space. The event will culminate, after 12 hours of inspiring and thought-provoking content, with an afterparty at midnight.

‘Good to Talk’, 2017, Caroline Kryzecki and Aaron Dan 13 // Photo by Eike Walkenhorst courtesy of the Artist and Good to Talk

This year, the programme’s focus is on the future of art education; on how to bring art to the public. Questions, such as what the role of art in the future is and what new forms of presenting art are available, will be raised. Answers to these questions are no longer found exclusively in the art world. This year’s programme intends to look beyond art itself and encompass an interdisciplinary approach to mediating art. The event will encourage attendees to extend their perception of art and find answers in the realms of science, technology and business. Therefore, the panels include participants active not just in the art world, but in the fields of media, entertainment, business and bodywork, to name just a few. This will hopefully offer fresh perspectives and spark inspiration.

Good to Talk, 2017, GTT Theorie Mimikry 03 // Photo by Eike Walkenhorst, courtesy of the Artist and Good to Talk

‘Good to Talk’ was founded in 2017 by Berlin gallerists Thomas Fischer, Sebastian Klemm, Daniel Marzona, Johanna Neuschaffer, Anne Schwanz and Tanja Wagner, with the goal of promoting exchange and networking. They have created a platform for galleries, initiatives and others active in the art world to think about and discuss art and art-related issues with a wide-ranging, art-engaged audience.

‘Good to Talk’, 2017 // Photo by Eike Walkenhorst, courtesy of the Artist and Good to Talk

The programme includes subjects such as the digital mindset, art and fashion, artificial intelligence, collecting in the start-up economy, art and comedy and trial and error. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to ask artists, curators, gallerists and critics their questions directly.

This year’s articipants include: AxsArt, Berlin Art Week, Galerie Crone, Eigen+Art Lab, Factory Berlin, Galerie Thomas Fischer, FuckUp Night Berlim, Klemm’s, König Galerie, Galerie Daniel Marzona, minute16, Office Impart, When The Hunger Starts – Project Space Festical Berlin 2019, And She Was Like: BÄM!, Somaphilia || Somatic Bodywork, State of the Art Berlin, Galerie Tanja Wagner, among others.

Additional Info

Good to Talk: Sept. 28, 2019; 12pm–12am
Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin click here for map

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