KW Production Series Presents Films by Rachel O’Reilly and Andrea Büttner

Article by Faye Campbell // Nov. 20, 2019

New works by artists Andrea Büttner and Rachel O’Reilly will be presented on November 24th, commissioned as part of the second KW Production Series. The KW Production Series aims to identify and work with artists at a pivotal point in their career, who will be able to use the opportunity to contribute to their moving image practice, as well as benefit from the financial support and visibility that the series provides.

In ‘What is so terrible about craft? Die Produkte der menschlichen Hand’ Andrea Büttner leads with the question: “what is so terrible about craft?” The artist examines the way that Western European models of craft have been permeated with ways of life and modes of being, and questions who these models serve and how they has been utilised to treat the marks left by Modernism. Andrea Büttner simultaneously portrays two German interiors, a high-end department store as well as a cathedral, with narration by a nun whose spiritual and occupational life lies within both spaces. The work considers the connection between craft and reactionary political movements, the place and role of craft in religious identity and its solution for social discontent.

In ‘INFRACTIONS,’ Rachel O’Reilly depicts efforts by Indigenous cultural workers’ against a new fossil gas frontier in Australia. These new plans to ‘develop’ the Australian Northern Territory threaten ancient songlines and groundwater. The film features contributions from Dimakarri ‘Ray’ Dixon (Mudburra); Jack Green (Garawa, Gudanji); Gadrian Hoosan (Garrwa, Yanyuwa); Juliri Ingra (Gooreng Gooreng); Jackie Johnson (Gooreng Gooreng); Que Kenny (Western Arrarnta); Robert O’Keefe (Wambaya); Neola Savage (Gooreng Gooreng); the Sandridge Band, and Professor Irene Watson (Tanganekald, Meintangk Bunganditj).

The premiere of ‘INFRACTIONS’ will also be accompanied by a discussion with Que Kenny, who is featured in the film. Kenny is a Western Arrarnta woman, community support worker and activist from Ntaria and has been involved in grassroots campaigns against the Northern Territory Emergency Response since 2007, and against Northern Territory gas fracking with the Protect Country Alliance.

Exhibition Info

Andrea Büttner: ‘What is so terrible about craft? Die Produkte der menschlichen Hand’
Screening and Talk: Sunday, Nov. 24; 2:30-4:30pm
Rachel O’Reilly: ‘INFRACTIONS’
Screening and Talk: Sunday, Nov. 24; 4:30-6:30pm
Admission: 5 € / Reduced 3 €
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178, click here for map

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