The Transcendence Orchestra One-Night Event at Trauma Bar & Kino

Dec. 04, 2019

The Transcendence Orchestra, an unconventional concert, will be hosted on December 13th in Trauma Bar and Kino. Under the lesser-known ambient-leaning aliases of The Transcendence Orchestra and Punctum, Anthony Child (Surgeon) in collaboration with Daniel Bean of Bleep43, and synthetic duo Caterina Barbieri and Carlo Maria Amadio, respectively, will perform at the event. Child and Bean have invited artist Darren Russell to join them on this occasion to harmonize the acoustic and the synthetic. Punctum rarefies sound to a near elemental level and explores abyssal sonic spaces.

The Transcendence Orchestra

In addition to Punctum and the Transcendence Orchestra, Thoom will delve into a minimalistic narrative, and mix voice with drone to create a special performance for the occasion. Her performance will use repetitive composition, song and utterance to create a meditation that oscillates between vulnerable, playful, confrontational.

The evening will begin and end with vinyl DJ sets by HATAM. HATAM is one half of the duo Hacklander \ Hatam, she is an experimental musician interested in sound as a sculptural material. She co-founded the inspirational NK Projekt space for avant-garde and non-mainstream culture in Berlin.

HATAM // Photo by Camille Blake

Trauma Bar und Kino is a hybrid space where different art mediums cross-pollinate; video-art meets cinema, dance meets fashion and performance meets club. The event has a limited capacity to preserve an intimate ritual-like experience. The audience is encouraged to immerse themselves fully in the music, with attention paid to the atmosphere. The lights, touch and smells in the space may turn what may be considered an electronic music concert into a quasi-performance; and experience of the creation of sound.

Punctum // Photo by Kali Malone

Event Info

‘The Transcendence Orchestra’
Event: Dec. 13, 2019; 8pm – 2am
Heidestraße 50, 10557 Berlin, click here for map

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