Open Call for Artists Development Programme Residency 2020 in Luxembourg

Dec. 23, 2019

The European Investment Bank Institute is offering an artist residency programme for one visual artist or an artist duo. The residency is hosted in Luxembourg from May 4th until June 25th next year. The artist(s) will develop their practice and create a new body of work inspired by the theme ‘Disruption: The Imprint of Man.’ The artist(s) will be supported by the mentorship of a renowned artist, which for the 2020 programme is the acclaimed Jorma Puranen.

The residency is targeting emerging European artists. Therefore, the applicants must be of EU nationality and born after January 1st, 1985, and in the case of an artist duo both should be 35 and below. The artist(s) must be fluent in English.

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Pamela Diamante (resident for the thematic call on ‘Disruption: The Imprint of Man’, 2019) with the series of works ‘Fenomenologia del Sublime’

After the residency there will be an Artists Development Programme exhibition to show the work created. It will take place from June 22nd to September 30th. In addition, a success fee of 1,000 Euro will be granted provided that a work or body of works has been produced. Furthermore, the European Investment Bank Institute will consider acquiring an artwork produced on-site from the artist.

Travel costs to and from Luxembourg for the residency will be covered by the EIB Institute, as will costs to and from Jorma Puranen’s studio before the start of the residency. The artist will receive a 100 Euro daily allowance to help cover subsistence costs and all or part of the production costs, in addition to the 500 Euro contribution to production granted at the beginning of the residency. A living and working space will be provided for the artist.

To apply the applicant must send, all written in English: a CV (maximum four pages) including education, work experience, solo and group shows and any media coverage; a letter of motivation (maximum 1000 words) with ideas, in line with the theme, to be explored during the residency; a portfolio (maximum eight pages in PDF A4 format); and two professional referees who are familiar with the applicant’s art.

Application Info
Deadline: Jan. 16, 2020; 12am (GMT +1)

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